Pietro Calicchio

Pietro Calicchio at desk

Pietro advises and assists clients in the commercial and company law department at Witz Inc. Pietro has a wealth of experience having practiced for in excess of 38 years, both as an attorney in private practice, and as a legal advisor of JSC listed companies.

Pietro advises his clients in Commercial and Company Law, Criminal, Competition, Income Tax and Occupational Health and Safety Law and, the commercialisation of clients’ Intellectual Property. He also specialises in all aspects of South African and International Commercial and Income Tax Law, including Competition/Anti-Trust Law and Occupational Health and Safety law. He has also been involved in the establishment of local and international joint ventures and mergers and acquisitions at the highest level.

Pietro joined WCIS Attorneys in in 2014 having left DMKisch Inc. as a Director and Head of the Commercial Department. Prior to that, Pietro worked at AECI Limited as a legal adviser and later Samancor Limited (BHPBilliton) as legal counsel until September 2004.

Pietro Calicchio has a B.Proc degree together with an H. Dip. Company Law, an H. Dip. Tax Law and an Advanced Diploma in Labour Law and was admitted as an Attorney of the High Court of South Africa in 1980.

His wealth of knowledge and experience both in practice and in the corporate sector means that Pietro’s clients receive only the best advice, that is effective, thorough and precise in its nature.